Berkeley Biolabs is  equipped with materials and technology required to carry out experiments ranging from molecular biology to biochemistry and organic chemistry. We target both young startup companies and individual scientists who want to develop their ideas and get to their Proof of Concept quickly.

We offer an ideal location in the heart of SOMA San Francisco (Lower Cut).  We are a short, 3 minute, walk from Montgomery St BART station and Cal train station.  A variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, and other amenities surround us.   We hold regular community events, scientific and business mentoring, and are building on our ongoing teaching/workshop programming.  

Our facilities and equipment are set up to support experiments ranging from molecular and synthetic biology to biochemistry focused projects.  


Open access BBL owned and maintained equipment.

Upon completion of safety training and instrumentation use/SOP orientation, individuals will have access to shared items listed below.

Laminar flow hoods


Incubators and CO2 incubators

PCR thermocycler


RO water

DI water

MilliQ water

Gel electrophoresis set-ups

UV transilluminator

-80C Freezer

-20C Freezer

4C Fridge

Liquid nitrogen cryostorage


Microscopes: digital image capturing and dissecting scopes

Lab glassware

Sonicator (wand and bath)


Peristaltic pumps 

Vacuum pumps

Flammables cabinet

On-site Lab services

Molecular biology method development.

In-house Analytical chemistry support:  HPLC, GC/MS, GC/FID, headspace-GC/FID 

Lipid analysis: Lipid class analysis and fatty acid profiles

Protein analysis

Natural products chemistry, extraction, and purification


Rotary evaporation

Thin layer chromatography

Column chromatography

Waste removal program

joining our lab

Company Membership

Our aim is to help Proto-companies grow from an idea through to a successful fundraising round and eventual product to market; as such, packages are custom tailored for each emerging company that chooses to grow out of our thriving community. We offer highly competitive bench rental rates.

Individual Professional Lab Membership

Dedicated and shared use benches are available for select scientists and entrepreneurs who are looking for an equipped lab to pursue their ideas. Prices will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Shoot us an email to see if Berkeley BioLabs is right for you